The Quality Management System is the code of conduct for a firm that defines who does what, how, when, why, according to simple but documented rules at all levels; it allows to have an entirely orderly organization, both internal and external, in a simple and practical way; it guarantees the qualitative compliance of the services provided. IN.AR.CO. srl has obtained the Certification of Conformity of its Quality Management System to the standards ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001 - Ed. 2000 (first issue: 08.04.2002; last issue: 30.04.2003) with SGS Italia srl Certification Authority. The certification concerns: the "Design and construction management in civil construction and infrastructures sectors. Design of town planning schemes and territorial plans". Therefore IN.AR.CO. srl in its Quality Policy has determined that the certification of its quality system is absolutely essential, seen that the company works within an increasingly competitive, demanding and organized market.
Such management instrument becomes necessary in order to improve and make the organization of the firm more rational and efficient, and to pursue a development of the company aimed at achieving Management's goals as well as the complete satisfaction of the Client, who has always to be sure he can buy a service compliant with specific requirements and set production standards. For IN.AR.CO. srl the "satisfaction of the client" is one of the key elements that drive its organization and philosophy. As a matter of fact, quality doesn't have to be considered a merely technical issue, instead it is a set of organizational and management aspects that involve the entire company, and is the expression of its way of working. The documents containing the procedures and policies for the quality of the company are a trademark of the same towards the outside world, since they are the mean by which it declares and guarantees to the clients that its services are carried out with appropriate and suitable processes and resources.

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To certify the Quality Management System to the standards ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001 - Ed. 2000 means making it consistent with a model accepted in about ninety-six Countries adhering to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that allows to:

create the prerequisites to improve the operativeness of a company, analyzing it and finding its weaknesses and inefficiencies;
give the client an organized and transparent picture of the company;
have the availability of a competitive advantage over competitors;
keep the organizational and production system of the firm under control, trying to identify any possible sources of error to the root before finding them out on the finished product as a complaint.