It is part of IN.AR.CO.'s usual activities to request and obtain all the authorizations necessary to the realization and use of the work, such as: environmental permits, hydraulic permission, preliminary assessment by Fire Dept., authorization by Health Authority, etc., as well as the cooperation with the owners in contracts management when interventions are within the private sector. Subsequent to the contract the structure guarantees construction management, the assistance to the same, accounting, payment of works and assistance to testing. With regard to the latter stages, we point out that all technical and administrative accounting necessary to the complete development of works is drawn up with the staff working in the firm, solving all the issues that inevitably arise during their execution within the company itself.

Hence this allows, besides the achievement of an ever greater specialization of the personnel itself, the continuous updating in the descriptions and quantifications of prices and performance specifications, which have to allow the prevention of any possible bad execution of works because of the lack of instructions and/or the occurrence of disputes with construction companies.
The operational structure of IN.AR.CO. boasts also the presence of young graduates, in both engineering and architecture. They deal mainly with structural, architectural and urban planning design.

In all the situations where it is necessary to turn to external consultants, both because of a temporary overload of work and because of the need of particular expertise and experience, IN.AR.CO. has at its disposal a list of professionals, prequalified in terms of expertise, with whom standardization protocols are already in force, such as: the software to prepare the bills of quantities and the relevant price list are the same for all; likewise for the software to prepare drawings and word processing; the databases of the symbols used in systems and structural design are uniform, etc.

Therefore the assignment of a sub-contract to an external consultant instead of regular collaborators doesn't imply any operational overload and allows for the maximum flexibility of the structure's potential.

Ultimately, IN.AR.CO. meets all the requirements of Design and Construction Management or "Pilotage" of works for public and private Clients.