The two current managing associates of IN.AR.CO. are Mr. Gianni De Cecco, Engineer, founding associate, and Mr. Giulio Gentilli, Engineer, member since 1994. They both have developed important and different experiences in several fields of the liberal profession. They also boast the participation in different professional associations, holding positions of remarkable importance in both local and other associations.

Mr. Gianni De Cecco, Engineer
Civil and Building Engineer

Mr. Gianni De Cecco graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Padua and his work, started in 1979, has been carried out exclusively in the field of liberal profession. The placement from the beginning inside the firm held by Mr. M. Giorgetti, Engineer, who has been for many years one of the most esteemed designers in Friuli Venezia Giulia region as regards public works, has allowed him to gain lots of experience in the most varied fields of engineering. In particular he has increased and broadened his knowledge in the design and construction management for public and private building works (hospitals, schools, etc.), roads, water supply systems and sewer networks. Amongst other things he deals with important Construction Management tasks, including the Hospital in Udine and the Italian headquarters of Hypo Alpe Adria Bank

Mr Giulio Gentilli, Engineer
Civil Engineer
for soil conservation and land use planning

Mr. Giulio Gentilli, graduated in 1986 in "Civil Engineering for soil conservation and land use planning" from the University of Udine, has carried out his work exclusively in the field of liberal profession, attending the firm of his father, Mr. Roberto, Engineer, also during all the years of university attendance. Then he obtained a Ph.D. in Building and Geomatic Engineering at the University of Bologna, while continuing to carry out the professional activity in association with his father. He also specialized in the design and construction management for works in the environmental sector (quarries, dumps, hydraulic works, sewer systems, water reclamation plants), a topic that he has expanded through many specialization courses.