The premises housing IN.AR.CO.'s structure develop on 600 m2 arranged on the third floor of the "Palazzo delle Professioni". IN.AR.CO. srl devised, designed and took care of the realization of the center called "Palazzo delle Professioni", which is born of the need to bring together different professional realities that, although operating independently, if required can interact to create those synergies which are becoming increasingly essential in the performance of the liberal profession in any discipline. Hence it doesn't emerge as a mere physical reunion of several realities, but rather as the creation of an entity where the collaboration and interaction among different professionals goes in the direction of an increasingly better service to the Client. The building has a "C"-shaped plan which is open towards the access road, and is formed by two elements that are clearly characterized in terms of shape and materials, and correspond to a precise internal functional definition: in fact if on the one hand the orthogonal shapes with facing bricks of side wings configure the work spaces to allow rational and flexible modes of use, on the other hand the curved glass and steel shapes of the central facade qualify relational spaces, that were devised not only as a circulation space, but mainly as a place of rest, meeting and sharing among the existing professional realities. The structure houses 25 entities, among firms and service companies, organized in a condominium, and each one of them has at its disposal areas of exclusive appurtenance; in addition, there are common use areas, including an equipped Conference Center that can be used also by outsiders. It consists of a main hall with 136 seats and two smaller rooms with 20 seats, as well as service areas, and is characterized by the high level of the equipment it is provided with: control room, infrared simultaneous translation system, video projection system, sound amplification system which is adaptable depending on the mode of use, microphone system, video conference system, cabling of seats. Also the smaller rooms are provided with video projection and sound diffusion systems, in order to allow the connection to the projections made in the main hall and the participation to the simultaneous translation of the events taking place in the main hall. However the independent use of the different rooms is guaranteed, also simultaneously.